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Annalee Wright


Annalee Wright is a Korean-American performance artist and public speaker to aspiring artists emphasizing the importance of social emotional learning and mental health. Best known for playing herself on MTV's Ladylike and other tv/film appearances, she also spent years performing on Broadway and with the original touring company of the Miss Saigon revival, going on to serve as on-stage dance captain.  After years of teaching and choreographing national dance conventions and collaborating with artists on passion projects like directing and choreographing her first music video in LA, her desire to simply talk and tell stories led her to pubic speaking. Today, she speaks about the undeniable intersectionality of art and mental health and how the methods we use to teach are antiquated and glorify production as opposed to process.  After the pandemic, newfound sobriety revealed her own late-diagnosed Autism which had been masked by a life of substance addiction.  Always honest about her own struggles with depression and always adamant about aggressively pursuing authentic joy as an act of defiant self-care... she continues to create digital content and speak to anyone who will listen about the importance of sharing personal stories to not only help others, but also encourage homecomings with our own personal origin stories that only manifest when spoken aloud in love. 

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